What do we do?

The business community is increasingly calling for ways to incorporate science-based climate information into its planning-, production-, safety- and logistics-related decisions, especially some time ahead of the coming season. However, despite their potential value, seasonal forecasts are currently underexploited since several limiting factors hinder their practical use. In order to cope with these limitations, we provide the services below for capacity building and tailored evaluation of seasonal predictions for your business, saving time and money:

Seasonal forecast

Get ready for the new era of climate services.
From weather forecast to climate prediction.

1. Capacity building and consultancy

We offer courses (and consultancy services) from one day to one week adapted to your needs, describing the scientific basis and the state-of-the-art of seasonal forecasting, and allowing you to correctly interpret the existing products and their associated uncertainty.

2. Tailored evaluation of seasonal forecast skill

We provide proper evaluation of forecast skill for targeted areas and variables/indices, considering the retrospective predictions of the top global climate models for the last two- three decades and appropriate statistical validation scores which account for different aspects of a forecast.

3. Operational tailored predictions

We provide operational predictions for your business based on the best performing global models and calibration tools resulting from the next point, in the manner and format most suitable for your business.

For illustrative purposes, a pilot application of seasonal forecasting of Fire Weather Index (FWI) is shown here.

4. Local calibration and adaptation

We are specialists in applying statistical techniques which properly adapt the coarse-resolution global seasonal forecasts to your locations of interest.

These services are offered in partnership with one of the leading reasearch groups in the (Instituto de Física de Cantabria; mixed research institute from the Spanish National Research Council and the University of Cantabria), which participates in the training and scientific consulting activities, thus ensuring to keep the services up-to-date and allowing to quickly incorporate new research advances.

As a result, we offer tailored solutions for different sectors, providing a portfolio of products, which can be delivered in the manner and format more suitable to your needs (reports, maps, tables, user-oriented indices, etc.).

Whatever your business may need, don't hesitate to contact us!