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A spin-off company with over 10 years of experience

Predictia emerged 12 years ago as a spin-off company from the data mining group at the University of Cantabria. Our aim is to offer data management and mining solutions for in scientific challenges, specially those linked to climate and health. We are specialised in data handling and storage, access and visualization, and nonstandard data mining techniques, which enables us to extract relevant information for a specific problem. Our solutions are usually web-based (including development of portals to access data and/or online data mining algorithms), to provide user-friendly, ready-to-use solutions.


Turning data into actionable information for key sectors

Data mining

In the last decades we have move from a data scarcity culture to a data abundance one. Satellite technologies, open access records and publicly available databases have made it possible to have an amount of data at the tip of our hands that was unimaginable only 20 years ago.

However, data alone are not useful. They need to be treated to become actionable information. Our team of mathematicians, developers, engineers and physicists are used to handle terabytes/petabytes of data to distill the valuable insights and interconnections hidden within.

Predictia maintains a core of R&D as a key driver of competitiveness of their products

Specialists in climate & weather

Our academic background is closely linked with climate and weather. One of Predictia's co-founders, José Manuel Gutierrez, is a Coordinating Lead Author in the IPPC's Sixth Assessment Report, and part of our staff is spesialised to climatology and meteorology.

This enables us to provide a wide range of climate- and weather-related solutions: from tailored forecasts to seasonal predictions and climate projections.

Climate projection
Agile development

Agile development

We follow a flexible Agile development framework, to accomodate our clients' needs. This enables us to achieve a quick time of response and adapt to the different challenges that may arise throughout the project.

Our clients [+]

We work with public institutions, private companies, Research Centres and Universities, developing solutions that suit their needs.

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