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Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. While this adage rings true, climate modelling has grown more accurate over the years. At Predictia, we are experts in providing two types of climate services:

  • Seasonal predictions: know the climate anomalies for the next three months up to one year, one month in advance. Interesting for projecting output levels in the renewable energy sector, expected crop yields for agriculture and many other applications.
  • Regional climate change projections: for those working in adaptation and mitigation measures, it is important to have reliable projections of the future climate. We apply bias adjustment and downscaling techniques, to provide tailored simulations on how the climate is going to change in the upcoming decades.

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From more frequent and intense droughts that ruin crops, to heatwaves that difficult day-to-day activities. Climate change impacts the whole society. Climadjust provides ready-to-use climate projections, tailored to the end-user.