Key indicators of the National Health System of Spain

To evaluate and cross-examine health information at a national level, the Ministry of Health of Spain gathers annually over 240 key indicators for the National Health System. This involves gathering and homogenising data coming from different sources. INCLASNS consists on interactive application that allows manage, consult and analyze this data.

We developed an interactive user interface that allows to compare different regions and also the temporal evolution of this set of indicators, while enabling Ministry technicians to perform more advanced analysis.

Key features

Data visualization
Interactive charts
Report generation
Data management

Main characteristics

The application developed by Predictia allow to manage, consult and analyze over 240 key indicators for the National Health System.

  • Data management: data collection and management is integrated with the application.
  • Interactive visualization: the application focuses on the interactivity using libraries such as D3.js y NVD3.
  • Customised reports: a collection of customized reports were integrated in the application.
  • Exportable Information: all the information available on the application (tables, graphs, maps, reports...) is exportable in different formats (Excel, PNG, PDF, etc.)

    Visualization elements

    The application can plot, among others, this types of charts:

    • Dispersion graphs: so different indicators can be inter compared
    • Bar charts: in order to analyze de behaviour of the indicators depending on the region, sex or year.
    • Temporal series: in order to plot indicators detecting tendencies in the series.
    • Box plots: summarizing the indicator variability depending on a disaggregation variable.
    • Radar charts: to analyze the behaviour of the indicators depending on region, sex and year.
    • Sparklines: to quickly detect temporal tendencies in the data
    • Maps: to analyze the spatial disaggregation in the indicators

      Data management

      The application integrates a data management system that allows:

      • Authorized users cand provide new data or correct existing data.
      • Application administrators can review the new information before publishing. This process of review is aided by a system that inter compares the new information with the existing one in order to detect anomalies.
      • Administrators can manage the information from the control panel, defining new years, deleting existing ones, defining new indicators, etc.

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