Copernicus Data Stores modernisation

Copernicus Data Stores modernisation

Working on the new Copernicus Climate and Atmosphere Data Stores

The Copernicus Climate Change (C3S) and Atmosphere Monitoring (CAMS), implemented by the European Center for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), Services provide free, ready-to-download climate and atmospheric information (covering past, present and future) to the public via the Climate Data (CDS) and the Atmosphere Data Stores. From these services, existing datasets on Essential Climate Variables (ECVs), climate analyses, projections and indices can be downloaded. They offer a web-based and API-based search to access all these climate and atmospheric data.

The popularity of these services, as well as the growing needs for volume of information (either due to new datasets or increased spatial/temporal resolution) have highlighted the need for a modernization of the existing service. This modernization has a number of objectives:

  • Migrate the service to modern cloud technologies
  • Simplify the development process
  • Improve system stability
  • Provide a specific repository for observation data
  • Improve quality control and data integration processes

Predictia is involved in the contract that develops this modernization (Copernicus Data Stores Modernisation - CJS2_211). The project started in 2022 and will have a duration of 2 years with a possible extension of 2 additional years. The consortium consists of different institutions from all over Europe and is led by the Italian company B-Open. Predictia's contribution focuses on the following components: system monitoring, observation repository and content and process manager.

Copernicus Climate Change and Atmosphere Monitoring Programmes

Key features

Copernicus Climate Change Service
Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service
Cloud technologies
Big climate data processing

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