Healthcare in the EU

Healthcare in the EU

An interactive portal to compare healthcare systems

How does the Spanish health care system compare to the rest of Europe? That was the main question that the Spanish Health Ministry wanted to answer when they came to us. The answer is Sanidad UE. An interactive data portal containing over 50 relevant indexes to compare the different health care systems across the EU-28 countries. From population indicators and lifestyle habits to Human Resources and preventive activities, the portal allows the user to cross-analyse these metrics in a simple manner. The data were obtained and homogenised from offciial sources such as Eurostat, WHO or the European Health for All database.

Our challenge with this project was to convey a huge quantity of technical information in a simple manner.  Fistly, we needed a clear-cut visual identity. For that, we relied on one of our usual partners: the branding professionals at Mubien. When joined with the selected visualisation techniques—interactive maps and graphs—, the clean design allows the user to navigate the enormous quantity of information the website offers in a swift way.

Key features

Interactive data portal
User-friendly UX/UI
Data management and homogeneisation

Additional information

The portal lets the user explore the following indexes:

  • Health Systems
    • Health Care Systems in EU-28
    • Copayment of patients in EU-28
    • Remuneration of doctors in EU-28
  • The population
    • Population
    • Population by age groups
    • Fertility rate
  • Health status
    • Life expectancy at birth
    • Life expectancy at birth by sex
    • Life expectancy at age 65
    • Life expectancy at age 65 by sex
    • Years of healthy life at birth
    • Years of healthy life at age 65
    • General mortality
    • Mortality from diseases of the circulatory system
    • Cancer mortality
    • Colon, rectum and anus cancer mortality
    • Breast cancer mortality in women
    • Larynx, bronchus and lung cancer mortality
    • Infant mortality
    • Diabetes
    • Self-perceived health status
  • Lifestyle habits
    • Daily smokers
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Obesity
  • Human resources
    • Doctors in practice
    • Nurses in practice
  • Use of services
    • Medical consultations
    • Hospitals bed
    • Hospital discharges
    • In-patients average length of stay
    • Access to medical care
  • Preventive activities and attention to health problems
    • Cataract surgery without hospitalization
    • Tonsillectomies without hospitalization
    • Inguinal hernia surgery without hospitalization
    • Vaccination against poliomyelitis
    • Vaccination against hepatitis B
    • Vaccination against measles
    • Vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis -DTP-
    • Vaccination against influenza
  • The quality of care
    • Thirty-day mortality after admissión to hospital for Acute Miocardial Infarction (AMI) based on admission date
    • Hospital admissions due to diabetes
    • Hospital admissions for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-COPD
    • Perceived quality of health care
  • Health expenditure
    • Public and private health expenditure
    • Public and private health expenditure per inhabitant
    • Life expectancy at birth and public and private health expenditure per capita

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