Save the date: Copernicus Challenges and Solutions for Spain - Event

Monday, March 15, 2021

We're glad to announce that the upcoming 24th of March we'll be taking part in the event "Challenges and Solutions for Spain" organised by the Copernicus Climate Change Service, ECMWF, AEMET and BSC. Thie virtual event wants to highlight climate data solutions powered by Copernicus, with a special focus on energy, water management and extreme weather events.

Event "Challenges and Solutions for Spain"

When: 24th and 25th of March

More information: event website

How to register: Registry form

Our participation

Within the event, we'll participate on a session to show the whole journey of the climate data, from its origin at Copernicus Climate Data Store until it reaches the policy makers. We'll showcase a real-life application of our service Climadjust, and how their adjusted climate change projections, actionable at a local level, are used by the climate modellers at IHCantabria for water management impact modelling. In turn, their data is taken up by the policy makers at the Directorate-General for Water from the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, to inform their decision making process, that impacts the water management policies at whole regions. In that way, in just 20 minutes, we'll be able to flow along the whole stream of data, from its origin to the final end-user.

The event

The event 'Challenges and solutions in Spain' is aimed at Spanish socio-economic actors from sectors vulnerable to the climate with the aim of discussing the challenges and information needs posed by climate change, in addition to the possible solutions offered by the C3S in aspects related to climatic extremes, water and energy management. This event is especially relevant for policy makers, companies, consultancies, as well as users of climate services in the public and private sectors of Spain, whether on a local, regional or national scale.