Job offer: climate change researcher

Jueves, Octubre 13, 2022

Job offer: Climate change researcher

About Predictia

Predictia is an IT company founded in 2008 specialized in the development of software for the management, post-processing and visualization of datasets in scientific sectors, mostly climate and health. Predictia offers solutions based on web technologies (including the development of web services and portals) for data access and/or online data analytics and post-processing. Predictia activities keep a good balance between service provision and research activities, mainly in the framework of different international initiatives, which are a key driver of competitiveness for their products.


Climate change ripples across society, affecting multiple sectors: city planning, transport, water management, agriculture, forest management and many others. On a global scale, efforts like the European Green Deal are devoting an enormous quantity of resources to fight against climate change in a way that leaves no one and no place behind. But to guide those efforts, we need reliable projections of how the climate is going to evolve, to have a better sense of the future and the changing climate we face.

Predictia has contributed to a set of international initiatives on climate change assessment and adaptation. For instance, Predictia led the technical development of the IPCC AR6 Interactive Atlas and launched the climate service Climadjust. Climadjust, which was partially funded by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), allows researchers and institutions working on adaptation and mitigation strategies to obtain ready-to-use, custom climate projections. How? By letting them apply bias-adjustment techniques to their climate data in a simple manner. Climadjust was implemented by Predictia with the collaboration of CSIC, through the Santander Meteorology group at IFCA. The researcher will contribute on an internal R&D project which aims to extend Climadjust for easing climate risk assessment in a variety of economic sectors, including agriculture or energy.


  • PhD degree in physics or similar disciplines.
  • High motivation on climate change research, including climate risk assessment and adaptation and mitigation strategies and policies.
  • Strong experience in python and libraries for geospatial processing like Xarray.
  • Experience in processing large volumes of climata data and climate index computation.
  • Knowledge of standard data formats used in climate science like NetCDF.
  • Fluent in English (spoken and written).


  • The position will be located at Predictia's headquarters in Santander, a beautiful city in the north of Spain.
  • Full-time contract with flexible hours.
  • A good working environment and the possibility to collaborate with relevant climate research institutions in Europe.
  • A competitive salary according to the scientific and technological level of the candidate.

Are you interested?

Send a full CV including contact details to with the subject "Ref=cpp01".