Predictia Weather

Predictia Weather

Validated forecasts at your fingertips

There are a lot of weather forecasting apps in the market. However, we found that none of them answer a basic question: was the forecast accurate? That's why we created our own app. The only one that let's you validate the weather forecasts.

An overview of Predictia Weather

Select your location, see the predictions we provide for the next 4 days, and see also how well they matched the observations in the past. To do that, we provide the comparison between the past forecasts and the actual records from the Spanish Meteorological Agency and its network of weather stations.

We are confident that our forecasts will resemble reality with a high degree of accuracy. Why? Because at their core lies our beloved WRF: the numerical simulation model that is behind many of our solutions. In this case, we run it at a high resolution (9 Km), covering the whole Iberian Peninsula. The app provides forecasts with hourly resolution for temperature and precipitation.

The app is available for Android.

Key features

Validated forecasts
High-resolution weather model
Iberian peninsula coverage
Tailored locations

Technical specifications

  • High resolution forecasting: 9Km
  • Spatial coverage: Spanish Peninsula
  • Forecasting run daily, with hourly resolution

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