Software solutions

Software solutions

Customised software solutions for your specific case

Whenever a generic product won't let you get the most of your business, we develop customised software solutions. Our experience solving problems involving large datasets allows us to create tailored solutions using a wide range of technologies, integrating them in a robust manner. We know that it is difficult to define perfectly the product specifications in the first place, so we design our solutions with flexibility, being able to provide agile responses to possible changes that may appear throughout the development.

Key features

Big Data solutions
Wide range of technologies
High quality software
Robust solutions
Flexibility with the requirements

Taming Big Data for its best performance

There is more data available today than ever in history, and data generation velocity keeps increasing. Therefore, obtaining really useful insights can be challenging. At Predictia, we develop custom software solutions to make the most out of your data. Thanks to our experience with database engines both relational and NoSQL, we are able to integrate different technologies in order to interactively analyse large sets of information.

In the past, big data systems —built mainly on top of Hadoop— were used in ETL processes, being normally long-running and error-prone tasks. Nowadays, the distributed data analysis technologies ecosystem has evolved to reduce the waiting times. Currently, it is possible to perform real time analysis, using a large number of processors to perform coordinated computations in parallel. On the other hand, not all data models are optimally explained with a relational database. Other databases such as the graph oriented like Neo4j allow us to analyse highly interrelated information more efficiently.

Our wide experience with data analysis and storage technologies make us a perfect candidate to face the prediction and classification problems that are critical for your business.

And because we understand that data alone are not enough, we pay special attention to data visualisation and interface design. We go beyond data, using web-based interfaces to transform it into actionable information, improving comprehension and decision-making. Interactivity and responsiveness lies at the core of our visualistion tools, thanks to libraries like D3 or Google Maps.

Data modelling

Our solutions offer response to problems like analysis, classification or prediction. This is why we have a team of mathematicians specialized in modelization and machine learning. We find the hidden information critical for your business, applying advanced mathematical modelling techniques such as:

  • Neural networks
  • Bayesian networks
  • Grouping algorithms
  • Association rules
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Pattern recognition
  • Temporal analysis
  • Recommendation systems
  • Complex network analysis.
  • ... And many more.

To achieve this we use different statistical computing languages, especially R.

System integration and high performance computing

We are specialists in Java development, which allows our applications to work in almost every architecture, including the cloud, with good performance. When integration with existing systems is necessary, we expose the needed services using REST or SOAP web services. Our application can also be integrated in existing systems using messaging platforms, web services or databases as integration layer.

We also offer scientific software integration solutions, using PBS resource managers like Torque, commonly used in HPC enviroments.

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We love to develop and use Open Source tools. These are the most used technologies in our projects:

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