The assessment of the potential of seasonal weather forecasting for wind resource

The main objective of this project R&D project is the assessment of the potential of seasonal weather forecasting for wind resource. To achieve this aim, the following items are going to be developed:

  1. A detailed and suitable study covering the value of the seasonal forecast in the wind sector, determining the conditions and regions where there is a potential added value for these products.
  2. The development of appropriate post-processing tools to take into account the characteristics of climate predictions (its probabilistic nature and lower resolution). In particular, tools for calibrating and adapting model outputs to local predictions.

The Meteorology and Computer Science Group (University of Cantabria) participates in this project -as a subcontrated entity. It is an internationally recognized group in this field which has participated in European research projects in this area.

This project is funded by the INNOVA 2015 program (Consejería de Innovación, Industria, Turismo y Comercio del Gobierno de Cantabria) funded by the ERDF program (European Regional Development Fund). A public contribution of €19339.02 has been received.

Here is an example showing some of the results of the project. A web with operational wind forecast at a seasonal scale.

Key features

Seasonal forecast
Wind resources

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