Presentación en el 11 Congreso Internacional AEC

Monday, October 22, 2018

The 11 Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Española de Climatología took place in Cartagena between October 17th and 19th. Predictia was one of the sponsors of the congress, and also assisted as participant to present the talk Visor de escenarios de cambio climático de AdapteCCa: Acceso y análisis a la actualización de Escenarios-PNACC 2017. This work has been carried out jointly by Predictia, CSIC, AEMET, OECC and Fundación Biodiversidad.

In the presentation, which is summarized below, the different functionalities of the Visor de Escenarios de cambio climático de AdapteCCa were presented, as well as the data available there. This viewer was developed by Predictia in the framework of the project, and alows to visualize and download data of the last generation of regional climate projections over Spain.

The regional climate change projections are essential information to carry on impact and adaptation studies in different socio-economic sectors. The compilation and production of these projections was a basic task of the Spanish Plan Nacional de Adaptación al Cambio Climático (PNACC), through EscenariosPNACC 2012, a project coordinated by AEMET based on IPCC-AR3, and two national strategic actions (ESCENA and ESTCENA). In the present job, the update of these regional projections, based on IPCC-AR5 and the CORDEX and VALUE projects, is described, offering both gridded and punctual data both different scenarios and indices. Furthermore, given the volume and complexity of these data, the tool “visor de escenarios de cambio climático” (climate change scenario viewer) of AdapteCCa was also presented, which was developed in the framework of the LIFE SHARA project in order to ease the access and analysis of this information. For more information see