ECMWF Summer of Weather Code

Monday, October 1, 2018

Last summer Predicita sent a proposal to participate in the Summer of Weather Code, organized by the ECMWF. Once our project was one of the five selected among all the proposals, we have developed the "Enhanced GIS Widget", a widget to show areas and markers on a map.

The widget is able, on the one hand, to receive a set of coordinates and represent them on the map, and on the other hand, it allows the user to draw them manually as areas or markers. In addition, it has the possibility to search locations for their representation. These functionalities are supported by a grids system that helps the user to draw these coordinates in the exact desired place.

This application will be used, mainly, by the ECMWF to work with its own format of coordinate files (MARS), although it is easily extended to other formats.

A webminar has been published showing the functionalities of the widget.